When you plan the eyelashes business, one of the important is custom lashes boxes. But how much will you invest in it? LEHE lashes will calculate the basic prices for your reference.

White Lashes Boxes with Printed Your Logo

The Profile of Private Lashes Boxes

Private lashes packages play an important role in the process of false eyelashes business. Why it’s so important? Because the lashes packaging not only protects your luxury eyelashes avoid damage. But also enhances the value of your product and spread the brand value. It can help you attract potential clients and get more customers in the false eyelash market.

A ton of our customers chooses to order from LEHE high-quality lashes and customize eyelashes packaging.

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LEHE Lash Achievements

Before deep read on how much to custom lashes boxes, introduce our company in a short time. We have been devoted to the packaging and false eyelashes filed. And we provide an integrated marketing strategy for small and medium-sized lashes enterprises in American with top-grade lashes and packaging.

You can make a one-stop solution come true here.

Lashes Plugg Custom Eyelashes Boxes

The Production Process of Custom Eyelash Cases

From start to end, there are 10 process steps about creating special lashes boxes.

Design the eyelash box

Our professional team designs all our designs according to your requirements. If you already have the logo and brand name, we will do it soonest.

Draw an unfolded draft photo of your design

Base on your requested, we can draw a draft photo within 1 day. If you need us create a new design, that will cause 2-3 workdays.

Outside print of lashes boxes

We use the top printed to print your whole boxes. The high-quality print can reduce the color difference, and the box’s color can not be easy to fade away. But please know and allow there will be a little color difference compare with the design photos.

custom lashes box design draft

Coating the boxes

We have two kinds of film-coating tech. One is to use a bright membrane. The other is a matte membrane. Coating aims to keep the printed color for a long time. Also, it can prevent scratches on the eyelash boxes and keep box’s quality.

Suppose you are interested in how to distinguish whether your lashes cases are coating film. Feel free to consult our sales to get simple way to identify.

Gold Blocking Your Logo and Brand Name

Add the gold stamping tech on your lashes boxes can improve logo and brand name light. When you touch the real hot stamping tech, it’s not flat.

It also can improve your boxes looks luxurious and elegant.

Inner box process.

The inner box dimensions are different. According to the lashes market, we found the lashes trays are different. For example, small rectangle trays, large rectangle lash’s tray, square, round tray, and diamond lash’s tray.

Inner boxes created depends on which kinds of the lash tray you want. So when you order the customize eyelashes boxes, please make sure the lash’s tray size is you want.

Bonding and Adhesive Packaging Process

The high-quality glue to bond the lashes boxes. The strength of the extrusion process influences the whole box’s quality.

Assemble process

Assemble means the process of the outer side and inner box paste with the adhesive. Then you can see the whole and 3 dimensions boxes.


We choose the medical alcohol or water to remove the box’s dust.

Packaging the Eyelashes Boxes

The whole outer packages are anti-extrusion paper boxes to protect your lash boxes. High-quality tapes and fragile stickers seal the packages to prevent extrusions and mention take care for this package. We guarantee the eyelash boxes will deliver you safely and on time.

I hope the above 10 steps on the box’s production process will give you a clear mind to create lashes boxes.

custom lashes style

Production time

Usually, the eyelash box’s production cycle will take about 3-15 workdays. Including design drafts, confirm final design, and production process.

The detailed workdays depend on the production tech. It is caused by paper materials, printing time, gold blocking tech, hot stamping tech, and final packages.

We suggest you can do the lashes boxes in advance. For example, for your promotion sales, holiday activities and so on.

By the way, we have large stocks of the boxes. Those are all popular styles in the market. If you don’t want wait more time. You can contact +8615954278539 to get catalog of boxes.

Design team

The fashion and good design team can connect you and the market. We offer free design to help our customers open their eyelashes business with a small investment.

Base on the 3D renderings and design drafts, they can show the real effect on customers. It can effectively avoid the problems of misunderstanding drawings.

The implementation of 3D rendering is conducive to more efficient service and communication between us.

Super VIP services

Become our super VIP. We can support your services, not limited website building suggestions, brand promotion, logo design, and marketing strategies.

How can I get the quote from you?

First, please send us the inquiry about which kind you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in our 3D mink eyelashes, inquiry us the price for mink lashes by WhatsApp or Email. If you want to know more about custom lash boxes, you can contact us in the same way.

The detailed quotation is based on your logo design, order quantities, box size, consumables, and process. Also, our designs are FREE of charge.

How can I get the wholesale price

(1)To do business, the more you buy, the lower the price. The big quantities price is lower than small quantities.

(2)Buy our lashes and lashes boxes together. When you order our eyelashes with custom eyelash boxes, our sales will give you a discount and offer you the boxes’ wholesale price.

If you want to get the wholesale price, feel free to contact us by WhatsApp

We will support your order immediately and offer you a competitive wholesale price.

How many kinds of lashes boxes in the market

Hardboard Eyelash Box

Price around USD 1.5-3.5 depends on the size, quantities, and printed tech. The hardboard lash box is natural, green, and eco-friendly. The texture is light and strong.

If you want to know the detailed price with design boxes, you can contact us by WhatsApp

3d mink lashes packaging

Acrylic Eyelash Box

The acrylic boxes are made of high-quality plastic. Those boxes are similar to crystals with high transparency. Acrylic box price around $1-$2.5.

You can print what you want on the boxes. But it would best you send us high-quality AI, PSD, and PDS files. That can help us make a beautiful appearance of an acrylic lash box.

Cardboard Eyelash Box

The cardboard lash box is soft and can be folded. They can save shipping space and freight. Price is much cheaper than hardboard lash box.

Per box around $0.49-$1.49. It’s trendy to sell in supermarkets, drug stores, and makeup stores.

All boxes are original—the design from our customers’ needs and ideas.

Eye's Customized Lashes Boxes with Logo

Design a wonderful lash box step by step

Named your brand

The foundation of starting and spreading your business is named your brand. It’s up to you to decide on the brand name. We suggest you can use “name + eyelashes”, “name + cosmetics”, and “name + boutique”

They are an easy way to name.

Customized Lashes Packagings and Logo Design

You’d better confirm the concept of logo color. A good logo can impress what you are doing and add your brand value.

The Eyelash Box Color

The box’s color can match your logo’s color. Also, you need to confirm which shape of box you want to do.

Business Slogan

The slogan is the soul of the business. It can add value to your lashes brand. You can choose simple, interesting, readable sentences. Also, you can check on Google find some Famous Quotes.

Printed Social Media Information on the Box

It’s beneficial and helpful to attract more potential consumers.

Custom Private Black Eyelashes Boxes with Logo Printed

Why choose us as your lash vendor

We have a professional team from mink lashes manufacturer, QC, and design team. All of us are ready to support your lashes business.

You can find the competitive wholesale prices of high-quality mink lashes and custom lash boxes. The low MOQ can help small and medium-sized entrepreneur to start their business.

One-stop solution services. Top grade lashes, custom boxes, and private custom labels are finished by one supplier – LEHE lashes. You can save time and money.

Perfect after-sale services. Guarantee you can get high-quality products.

We hope this article can help you to choose a good lash vendor. Any further questions, feel free to contact us by WhatsApp or Email us.