Did you have the business for the mink lashes? Were you tired of the retail business? Are you interested in starting a false eyelash business like the distributor in the USA? If yes, here are 7 points about how to be the lashes distributor in the USA. Also, you can get the answer about how to find the best eyelash vendor.

What Is The False Eyelashes Distributor In The USA.

In the global market, the characters are various. Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. They make the supply chain in the international trade.

Typically, you ordered from the manufactures or the distributors. Then, you sell the lashes to the clients. Isn’t it? You are the middle man between your clients and products. Whether you want to become the eyelashes distributor at the beginning of 2021. It’s the challenge!

First, Become a wholesale mink lashes distributor means you need to invest more money in the business. Second, it would best to find reliable false eyelash manufacturers to support you. You also need to pay more attention to product quality, marketing and protect your supply chain. You will lose time with your family or friend.

If you are ready to become a wholesale mink lashes distributor in the USA, keep reading!

What Is The False Eyelashes Distributor In The USA.

The Trend Of The False Eyelash’s Market

According to the report, the global false eyelashes market CAGR(CAGR means Compound Annual Growth Rate) is 5.9% in 2017-2022.

The Trend Of The False Eyelash's Market

The market is estimated to bring in US$1,486.8 million by the end of 2022. The false eyelashes enhance the look by applying lashes has become a trend. With increasing use, it’s time to becoming and focusing on selling mink eyelashes as a wholesale distributor. The lashes tools, like lashes applicators, eyelash brushes, and glue. Both they can get sales with the eyelashes. It would help you add the extra value and develop the lash line deeply.

Under these data, the false eyelash’s market is a positive development in the future. It means if you work hard, you can get more money on the lash business.

So you do not hesitate to contact us, we can offer you a one-stop solution. You can save money and avoid time-consuming.

The Detailed False Eyelash’s Market Taxonomy

The Detailed False Eyelash's Market Taxonomy

Product TypeRaw MaterialSales ChannelTechnology
Regular False EyelashSynthetic HairHypermarketHandmade
3D Mink LashesMink FurSupermarketSemi-Handmade
Colored LashesOthersBeauty RetailerMachine-Made
Individual LashesE-commerceOthers
Eyelashes ExtensionsOthers

Also, there are some individual websites for personal. But today, we are discussing the lashes distributor in the USA.Above the sheet includes the main types, materials and sales channels in the global market.

From the sheet, you can find there are many different ways to sell lashes. Why you don’t consider becoming the wholesaler in the market. Come on to join us!

The Best Mink Lashes Vendors

A good and reliable vendor is the most important thing. I’ll share some tips to help you find the best minks lashes suppliers for your business.

First, they can reply to your email or message in time. When I ask some questions, I hope to get the answers immediately. But here are 13 hours time difference between China and the US. That means your morning is our night, lol. It is magical earth.

Second, you can check the vendor’s website. On the website, you can confirm with about us, FAQ, etc. Most of the lashes vendors show the business and company information on About us or FAQ. The blog posts are also the second meaningful way to check whether they are helpful for business.

Then, when you contact the vendors, ask for the catalog, MOQ, and samples. But you need to know whether is worth it for you. According to your investment to choose the best one.

Look here, LeHe LASHES was famous and professional in this field with clarifying positioning.

We have specialized in 3D mink lashes, 25mm mink lashes, eyelashes extensions, and lashes tools. If you don’t want to spend more time finding different types suppliers, please contact us. LeHe LASHES offers customers a one-stop solution to support your business.

The Best Mink Lashes Vendors

If you don’t know how do i find a lash vendor,please click  “How do I find a lash vendor – 3 simple way to find a reliable eyelashes vendor

Offer Custom Services For Your Customers

When you browse LeHe LASHES web pages, you can find custom services, like custom boxes, logo stickers, customized lashes glue, and custom lashes tweezers.

We hope you also can offer custom services to add extra value to your brand. Modern days, people browse the websites or the page only 2-3 seconds. You need to attract potentials customers, within 3 seconds.

If you offer custom services for the retailers, you will get more business opportunities.

Click “How can I create a professional eyelash packaging” create a professional packaging

Offer Custom Services For Your Customers

Marketing Your Lashes Line

Marketing is complicated. Here, I’ll share some useful tips on how to market your mink lash business.

1) Creative a brand story.

Please ask yourself, When you want to become a lash distributor in the USA, who influences you, where you find the business ideas, what is your business’s soul. You can write as a list. Then create a unique brand story.

2) Create a Facebook group.

The benefit is you can gather people who are interested in makeup, cosmetics, eye’s beauty, and false eyelashes.

3) Share the beauty tips in the group.

If you are kind and shareable. It will influence more and more people to buy from you. Then you can get stable customer foundations. Next, when you do other products, you also can get successful.

4) Create an Instagram account.

Before starting the account, you need to know that what is your positioning in the market. The next step, base on your market positioning, create a relative account.

In this account, you need to post under your positioning.

There are different ways to start marketing. Also, you can search on Google, YouTube and Bing. Tons of results pop up on the search engine.

Useful Tips to Help you Start your lashes business

Marketing Your Lashes Line

Calculate The Shipping Cost

Please attention that when you order from your mink eyelashes vendors, ask the shipping cost. Because the shipping cost is also your business cost. It would help if you calculated the real product cost for everyone. Then make a list to record them. It would work best to set the sales goals about week’s goals, months, and years.

If you are the wholesale mink eyelashes distributor in the USA, you can check the USPS website’s shipping cost.


In the global eyelashes market, there are many opportunities. You need to catch the best one for you to start a wholesale business in the US. The above seven tips are handy and understandable. The business owners can find some new ideas and support the company in time. Don’s miss the excellent chance to become a girl boss. Any further questions, feel free to contact us by WhatsApp or Email.