Introducing strip mink lashes and eyelashes extensions whats the different

First, strip mink lashes. We usually choose sterilized mink fur, synthetic fiber materials to make false eyelashes. Those false eyelashes are either hand-tied or hand-arranged on the lash band one by one. Significantly, the mink fur lashes. (Our real animal fur lashes are cruelty-free. We obtained by gently brushing live animals without hurting them.) Those steps to make sure the false eyelashes can be the perfect and smooth curve. Then put those individual mink lashes on the high-temperature tubes. This step helps the lashes finish a design. After that, quality control staff will check the lashes bands are complete and soft. The lashes curve is full and beautiful, and no mink fur drops out from the strips. The worker will put them in the lashes cases or your customized lashes packages. Your mink lashes finished on the production process. That’s are all ready to ship out and send to your hands.

Compare with false eyelashes. The eyelashes extensions are more straightforward than mink lashes. Choose high-quality lashes materials. Putting them in the high-temperature tube to make eyelashes will be different curves like C, D, J, L styles. According to the different lashes extensions curve and length. The worker put them single size in one package or mix different lengths and angles in the containers. Like, 8-12mm with Curly C in the eyelash extension boxes. You can find it from the market. The eyelashes extensions packages are the same styles.

There are so many different false eyelashes styles you can choose

Compare all kinds of false eyelashes and eyelashes extensions. Eyelashes extension has C, D, J, L, and length from 7-12mm are usually to choose. Also, the strip mink lases have different lengths in one pair of lashes. You can select 10-15mm 3d mink lashes, 15-20mm faux mink lashes, 20-22mm 5d mink lashes, 25mm lashes, etc. By the way, there are different styles with different lengths on false eyelashes. For example, some 3d mink lashes use for daytime with toned down layers giving you the effect of genuinely natural lashes. Other false eyelashes are designed for those special occasions. When you are out to join the party, these lashes boast a thick charming presence. While thick piled on lashes, give your eyes depth and instant glamour.

(LEHE know all our customers are unique. You can choose which false eyelashes are you like at affordable prices on LEHE beauty.)

It seems like the 3d mink lashes styles are more popular than eyelashes extensions.

The hard 2020

At the beginning of 2020, there’s been lots and lots of tragedies. But also, happiness is truly going to be one of the most significant matters. That will record in human history forever. It’s a panic, a crisis, a disaster for all human beings. Alive or die choice having happened for hundreds of years. It’s the virus. It’s straightforward for you to find measures and ways to protect yourself from being affected… and while some people say that real freedom isn’t what you can do, but what you can not do. Thus each of us should care about others about society, states, and human beings’ future. No matter in natural evolution or the process of national jubilation. Human beings have overcome too many times. And this time, we have to stand up again and fight against this horrifying but incredible disease.

But we all know there are some issues in the lash industry. Especially, eyelashes extensions business. Here is screenshot pics from the google trends. You can see the red line is still down. Guess which line is eyelashes extensions? The red line is eyelashes extensions trends in the past six months. The blue line was false eyelashes trends.

compare mink lashes and eyelashes extensions data

Why are eyelash extensions more affected in COVID19? You need to go to an eyelashes extensions shop to wear the lashes. Otherwise, you ask the professional eyelashes extensions artist to your home. Base on this situation is not too safe to do. Usually, you go to the shop, talk with them talk about which length and styles of eyelash extensions are you like face to face. Now when you go to the eyelashes extensions store, you will see all artists wear face masks to protect you and them. However, the spread of droplets is isolated. But, if the shop doesn’t disinfect, there is a chance of spreading the virus. That won’t be very good. Some eyelash extension stores closed over one month. Someone can’t pay the credit bills. Someone went bankrupt.

Base on that photo, you can find the strip mink lashes search trends still raise. Some of the 3d mink lashes entrepreneurs felt directly. Campell, She is one of my customers. Last month she ordered over two times around USD1000.  The order includes 3d mink lashes and 5d dramatic mink lashes. She told me she got some new customers from the eyelashes extensions. Also, she made some new promotions stimulate consumption. Like, tag me on Instagram, if over 20 times like you ll get free mink lashes. Or post your photo with our mink lashes, tag me over 100 times likes. You will get a $15 coupon next time to use. She was tough to work with and smart. So she got more benefits on 3d mink lashes business.

For eyelashes extensions entrepreneurs, there is a suggestion. You can expand your false eyelashes products line. Expand some 3d mink lashes or some faux mink lashes. It’s the challenges and opportunities. There are different varieties of luxurious mink lashes you can offer to customers. Every lady wants to be beautiful and glamourous every day, don’t miss this opportunity. So seriously, add the mink lashes product line. Earn more money from eyelashes extensions and 3d mink lashes. You can do it!

False eyelashes and eyelashes extensions prices battles

Compared to the price, I found eyelashes extensions price is a little expensive than the 3d strip mink lashes. Let me calculate for you.

Here is the price list for eyelashes extensions. According to this price list, the full set of classic extensions were $95. It will take about 2-2.5 hours to do. There is no fixed price on this price list. As I know, when you set them, you will pay $35 for one time. If you wear the eyelashes extensions for over one month, every day, you will spend over $3.15. Even though you wear them for over two months. That’s price around $1.5 every day. If you think it’s ok, I can afford it. Let me check the strip mink lashes cost.

Eyelash extensions price list

The data from our customers. For example, Campell sells some 3d mink lashes 12-16mm $10 per pair. She sells 25mm 3d mink lashes $15, 5d 20-22mm mink lashes $12. let me check, $95 can buy six 25mm mink lashes, even more than nine pairs 3d mink lashes. Each pair of 3d mink lashes, you can wear up 25 times. Even if you don’t care about your 3d mink lashes gently. Suppose you wear them over 15 times. You just pay $0.6 for one time.

Obviously, the 3d strip mink lashes are more suitable and affordable. But the eyelashes extensions advantages is you don’t wear the lashes by yourself every day. You can save about 5mins in the morning or whenever.

Do eyelashes extensions business-You need to be skilled

Have you ever taken a course in eyelash extensions? Did you get certification about eyelashes extensions? If yes.congratulations on being a certified eyelash extensions artist. As I know, the eyelashes extensions course is a little expensive, at around$900. That’s not an affordable price for some people. Also, it would help if you had solid theoretical preparation, a strong emphasis on practice. Then you can grow up successful and strong. I’m not discouraging you from wanting to learn eyelash extensions. I’m just analyzing and telling you that you need to maintain a passionate mindset to learn and practice. Eyelash extensions are a highly specialized job!

eyelash extensions how to work

No matter you are doing strip 3d mink lashes or eyelashes extensions. Be professional and helpful in your lashes industry.

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