As A Eyelash Vendor - How I Work For A DayAre you interested in how I work for a day? Or do you want to know how we work as a lash vendor? Can you imagine your lashes vendor’s work?

If you want to know what a lash vendor works for one day. Here are the answers to that.

Process The Eyelash Pending Orders

Process The Eyelash Pending Orders

We just back to work for six days after the Chinese New Year holidays. The first thing is to process the new and not shipped orders. All our orders will ship out according to your payment time.

Printed Lash Order Details

When you received the packages, here is an A4 paper in your parcel. We printed order lists and ship to you together. You can check mink lashes’ styles and quantities with this sheet. If you are interested which is our order list, you can contact us. Our sales will offer you s sample sheet.

Noted The Unique Need Of The Customer

Noted The Unique Need Of The Customer

There are different requirements for each Customer. Someone needs the plastic round lashes cases. Someone needs special boxes. And the other ones asked about the color of the lashes brushes. Also, the VIP customer asks us to put their stickers on the lashes trays. Also, they need lash tweezers that come with mink lashes together. So we need to note every need. That can help us ship the packages right. If you have specials needs, also you want to know how much about that. This articles will help you “11 Useful steps help you confirm how much will your lashes boxes costs” Also, if you feel confused, do not hesitate to talk with us on WhatsApp

Sending Order Details Files To Warehouse

The warehouse staff will pick, put, and packages the products according to the order details files. Please know that all of your lash products will check again by our QC staff before shipping. That can support us to send the right goods to you as soon as possible.

If you find you get the wrong mink eyelashes styles or boxes, please contact us soonest. We’ll find out how to make these mistakes and solve this problem.

Packages Shipping Time

Packages Shipping Time

When you make the payment, our sales staff will talk with you about the shipping time. It usually takes about 3-4 workdays to the USA. But please know that the order process time will take about 1-2 workdays. So totally you will receive your products within 4-6 business days.

Perhaps you will ask why it takes five days? Because we need to protect you receive high-quality mink lashes. We add the extra time to recheck the quality before shipping. Even though it will make us lose some customers. But we trust the quality is our life. What a sincere entrepreneur should do. Like you and we.

By the way, the above shipping time is from China to the USA. If you are interested in your city to other cities in the USA. You can check this blog, “11 useful tips to teach you how to become a lash vendor in USA in 2021

Customized Eyelashes Packages

Customized Eyelashes Packages

Don’t worry. It’s concurrent with the standard orders. Customized packages will take a long time to process than a standard order. Usually, custom orders will take about 7-15 business days depends on the quantities and designs. You can reference this blog,” How can I create a professional eyelash packaging

Ask For A Draft Design From Designers

When we talked about the customized eyelash boxes, please send us your request. Like logo, elements, and colors. Then I’ll send your request to our designers. They will make useful draft pics for you. If you have the design, please send us high-quality files, like PSD, pdf, etc. That can help us to print your design with high digital pictures.

In brief, if you are interested in custom your lashes packages. Feel free to contact us by WhatsApp or Email.

Talk About Private Eyelash Packages Design

After you received our designed draft pics, please check and tell us whether you like them or not. After that, we can discuss which kind of boxes do you want. For example, the hard paper boxes, plastic lashes cases, round cases, and acrylic lashes packages. If you have no ideas, we can recommend you with our experiences according to your logo designs.

Confirm Final Lashes Boxes Design

Confirm Final Lashes Boxes Design

Before start custom boxes, we will confirm with you again about designs, colors, and shapes. It can give us a second chance to adjust the boxes.

Meanwhile, if you want to print information on the packages, please support us to confirm your social media information and spells are right. It’s imperative.

Produce Process Time

First, if you choose our inventory boxes to a printed logo. The work will finish around 5-7 business days.

Like, customized eyelashes boxes with custom designs, it will take about 10-15 workdays to process.

Our staff will send your our inventory box’s catalog. Please feel free to contact us.

Launched Promotion Activity

Sometimes, you will receive a message from us. It is a sales promotion message. Some people don’t like to receive sales messages. If we bother you, pls tell us. We don’t want to make you feel bothered. We intend to alert our VIP customers don’t miss the business opportunities.

Also, we will share the secrets of the lashes business. We hope these tips will support your do better eyelashes business.


That is our staff a day. It is regular but valuable. All of us are feeling happy to work with you. What about your day?