There is a different kind of lashes vendors in the market. Base on your requirements, do you want to know which kind of eyelash vendor is suitable for you? If you are starting a lash business, you can not miss LEHE Lashes. This article will teach you how to choose the right vendor and the importance of an eyelash supplier.

manufacturer vs trading company vs Distributor

Three mainly kinds of lash vendor

Eyelash vendor is a bridge that connects eyelash products and customers. They provide false eyelash products on the market whit wholesale prices. There are three main types of eyelashes vendors in the world market.

False eyelash manufacturer

What is manufacturing? This is a concept from Wikipedia. Manufacturing is producing products for use or sale, using labor and machines, tools. And chemical or biological processing or formulation. It is the essence of a secondary sector of the economy.

In brief, the eyelash manufacturer makes products by themself. They have a real eyelash factory. Some workers made false eyelashes in the workshops. The manufacturer usually sells bulk orders at wholesale prices.

Eyelash trading company

What is a trading company? Trading companies are businesses working with different kinds of products sold for consumer, business, or government purposes. This concept from Wikipedia.

In the eyelash industry. The trading company usually buys bulk mink lashes from a lash manufacturer. The price is more competitive than the small order.

Almost mink eyelashes sell to lashes distributors. Also, they do wholesale business with small buyers.

Distributor of eyelash business

A distributor can sell lashes to a drug store, personal buyer, and B2C business. They also import mink lashes and sell in the local.

Where to find a wholesale eyelash vendor

Where to find a wholesale eyelash vendor?

According to your order plan, you can choose which kind of lash vendor to your vendor.

If you want to get wholesale price eyelashes. You can choose a lash’s manufacturer or a lash’s trading company. Those prices are more competitive. When you find a suit one, you can place a trial order or ask for samples to test the quality and packages. You can check us on “How to find a lash vendor to get more suggestions“.

When you get mink lashes at a good wholesale price, you will get more profits on the lash business.

If you want to buy top luxury false eyelashes, the mink lashes are a good choice for you.

There are many eyelash factories in a developing country. Low labor cost, diversified raw materials, low land cost, and policy subsidies are plentiful. They make a competitive price than a developed country.

Do you know where false eyelash birth is? It’s in Pingdu, Qingdao city, China.

LEHE lashes, located in Qingdao. We have the biggest advantages in the false eyelashes industry. You can buy various eyelash products. But there are some eyelashes made by machine. We don’t recommend it to you because the quality is low.

The best of mink eyelashes is handcrafted. The mink lash is soft, fluffy, and natural in appearance. It has the same gloss as your eyelashes.

Suppose you want to buy from a lash vendor in the USA. You can type “mink lashes near me” in Google. But most USA lash vendors selected the lashes from Chinese eyelash vendors.

By the way, if you are interested in knowing more about lashes field secrets. Please feel free to contact 008615954278539 to get more business info.

How to choose an eyelash vendor?

Many factors influence how you choose the right lash vendor. If you are starting a lash business, you can refer to the below information to find a good supplier.

Search on Google in advance

When you start a business, please search on Google to choose 2-3 lash vendors to test.

Search on Google in advance

The important thing is the quality of eyelash

The lash’s quality is the first and important thing you need to check and confirm.

As salespeople, we know the high-quality lashes mean your business brand. Good quality lashes sold out soon and got a big profit. It will bring you more and more new and good customers to support your eyelash business. The low-quality eyelashes will damage your brand.

If you want, keep the high-grade quality mink eyelashes. LEHE lashes always provide top grade lashes products to our customers. If you want to test the quality, please contact our WhatsApp +8615954278539 directly. Our team will offer you professional skills about how to test the eyelash’s quality.

The important thing is the quality of eyelash

A variety of eyelash styles

There are various mink eyelashes in the market. When you talk to your vendor, ask for a lashes catalog to see which kind of lashes they have. You can find which popular and sell well from the catalog.

But it would be best if you researched in advance. Only you know which styles are popular or hot sale. You can find it easily and directly from the catalog.

One tip, it would best you choose the mink lashes styles according to the market trends, instead of what you like.

Offer you excellent and professional services

You need a stable and professional lash vendor to offer you good products and services. Even if you don’t buy from a potential vendor, they also can tell you some business skills. That’s a good eyelash vendor.

Choose a good lash vendor, your business success half! As a good eyelash vendor, they can do what you want instead of you ask. Also, they can help you open a new market with luxury mink eyelashes. Not only a good eyelash vendor is your partner, but also they can be your friend.

Pay attention to your lash’s quality, services, and sales strategy if your sales are down.

Offer you excellent and professional services

Provide you custom lashes packaging

First, if you don’t have enough money to custom a lashes packaging. We recommend you can do the logo stickers to save the cost. And pay more attention to the lash’s quality.

If you have enough investment, our skills design team will do a great job for you with passion.

There are some lashes vendor only can printed logo on the boxes. It’s too simple. But we can create eyelash packaging according to your ideas, designs, box shape, color. And what you really want to do.

We can offer you not limited to the low small order quantities. Also, you can get wholesale prices of custom lash boxes.

custom lashes style

If you want more lashes business info, we are welcome to contact us by WhatsApp or email us. We will appreciate to work with you and offer you luxury mink eyelashes.