You want to buy from the lashes vendor near me. But have you consider the costs between an order from China and the US. Think about it, which way you need to pay more charges.

In this article, I’ll share with you the advantages and disadvantages of lashes near me.

How To Find Wholesale Mink Lashes Near Me

Search Mink Lashes Near Me On The Google

Google is a tremendous search engine. It includes different results. You can always get the answers from Google.

When you search mink eyelashes near me,  some local stores are pop up. Yes, they are very charming. But, there are many eyelash extensions store in the results. If you are finding strip lashes that’s are not fit you.

Don’t worry! You can find some website. Click and check if this one can fit your need, the price is right, and delivery fast. You may choose it. But hold on, we are talking about the wholesale lashes. Do you want to buy wholesaler lashes with over US$20 for each pair? Of course not.

So you need to find and talk with the distributor in China or the USA. This article can help you to know what is wholesale false eyelashes distributor in the USA. Click to read “2021 Business Guideline – Become A Wholesale False Eyelashes Distributor In The US

Compared Lashes Vendors In China And The US

A part of retailers would like to buy the mink eyelashes in the local country. They are afraid that the quality, shipping, and others. Now, let me compared the order from China vs. the US.

1) Labor cost.

Some lashes distributors also order from China and sell in the USA. Because the labor cost is expensive in the US. If the manufacturer in the US, the mink lash products costs will increase double.

2) Shipping time

As an eyelash retailer purchases on the local wholesaler, the shipping time will take 4-7 workdays by USPS. If you order from the lashes vendors in China, you will get the packages within four workdays. The exact delivery time depends on the package’s weight and expressway.

Compared Lashes Vendors In China And The US

The Advantages Of Buy From Chinese Lashes Vendor

In a developing country, the labor cost is affordable than in a developed country. LEHE Lashes located in Qingdao, China. A developing country in the world. So we can get the best quality eyelashes at reasonable prices.

Various mink eyelashes type. Like,3d mink lashes, 5d lases, individual eyelashes, plat eyelashes extensions, “A” shape eye’s extensions, and long lashes. The false eyelashes industry in Qingdao is famous and world-renowned.

We offer one-stop custom services to meet your needs.

For example, you need to print logo on the boxes. We have two choices for you. Plan A is to choose our inventory boxes with printed logo. You can check and choose the lashes boxes type from the catalog. Also, you can click “custom lashes boxes page”. Then send your logo to us. The sales will tell you she needs to ask designer to make a draft photo to check the effect. Usually, printed logos on our inventory boxes will take about 3-5 workdays. The price is affordable.

Plan B is customized lashes boxes with your logo. Some clients doesn’t like the inventory boxes. Don’t worry! We can custom the lashes boxes with your requirements. You can send the favorite elements or favorite pictures to our sales. They can arrange for you asap. The customized packages with logo price around US$1.1-$3.9. The exact price depends on the box size, design, and printed technology.

The important thing is we can offer you a FREE logo design. If you are interested, feel free to contact us by WhatsApp or Email.

By the way, the customized eyelash boxes will take about 7-15 workdays to do.

Next, all our sales are passionate and patient to work with you. I believed you would be satisfied with our work and services.

The Advantages Of Buy From Chinese Lashes Vendor

The Disadvantages

Usually, we ship your packages out and arrive. You need 3-4 workdays. Suppose you need to restock the lashes for sale within 1-2 days. I am afraid that you can’t order from China. That’s an emergency event. It would help if you bought with your local lash vendor. But please attention that some American mink lashes vendors use dropshipping from their Chinese vendors. Before you order, ask them the delivery time.

There is another thing like valentine’s day is coming soon. But in China, we will on holiday from 8th Feb to 17th Feb. My VIP customer has already restocked their goods for the big sales. But a part of clients is not worried about it. Hey honey, don’t miss the time to get more money.

It’s inconvenient to restock. Likewise, if you have our sales WhatsApp, Our sales sent the notes to you to remind you of business inventory.

Before the festival, you will receive our business tips to support and remind you to attract more potential clients. Do not hesitate, contact us to get more opportunities.

3 custom mink lashes box

Mink Lashes Near Me

It’s up to you. Suppose you want to get more clients on your lashes business. You need to become professional in this field. When people ask your questions, you can answer them immediately. You can get good feedback from customers. It’s not hard to become a unique lashes vendor in your city. Establish your IP, people who want to buy and search mink lashes near me. You will be the first choice. The good thing is you get more money. The hard thing is you need to pay more attention to your services, lashes quality, and time.

Final Words

I hope you can get new ideas from this article. Be a unique vendor when people search mink eyelashes near me. You are the one who can fit them. Don’t forget to offer excellent services with high-quality false eyelashes.