2020 started was so hard. Because of coronavirus, some people lost their job. Somebody lost their family. We know this situation will be going on for a while. But we hope the right thing will happen fast. There are some tips about your care. Wash hands frequently. Invigorate health and improve immunity. Keep the environment clean and ventilated. Reduce the movement to the crowded place, etc… But there is an important thing. If you can’t go out to work. What will you do to make money? Now I’ll share some tips for you. Like lashes business, ads tester, do on Fiverr… I hope it can help you and your family.

Advertising Tester

There are sites where you have to test the usability of the page. whether the ads are good. and then these sites give you keywords to search on Google or Bing. and you give the site feedback based on your search results. of course, the site will also give you a part of the money as your reward. the site will also report on your feedback to the review site. and based on your feedback will decide whether to continue to give you work.

Please check Lionbridge or Appen

Find a Job on Fiverr or Upwork

We have talked about why you need to do your lashes custom boxes with a logo. Check “7 simple tips to start your own wholesale lash business.”

Because these two are the massive task release and task access platform in the world. You can post tasks on it. Pay a professional to design your logo. Write your articles, and develop your website. Of course, you can also take assignments, write articles for others. Do development and any other skills you can think of, so there is money to be made on this site.

fiverr lash business

Amazon Associates takes commissions

Any website through the Amazon Associates project. It is paid by placing a link or banner on their website. You can put this on your website, your blog. And when someone places an order on Amazon through your blog, you get a commission.

Do your own lashes business.

Did you know the lashes’ business cost? If you have $100, you can do a better lashes business. For now, the unique situation. We offer three different ways about lashes sample packages activities. To support our customers in doing their own lashes business. You can be your own lashes boss.

In those lashes sample packages. Including 25mm lashes, regular 3d mink lashes, 5D mink lashes. Also, unique custom lashes box printed with private logo stickers. And lashes brush lashes outer packages, etc.

All our lashes’ supplies are of better quality. You can get 2-3 times the profit from these lashes supplies.

lashes business 4 pairs custom lashes boxes metallic color with 3d mink lashes

Lashes supply different lashes styles. You can mix which eyelash supplies you love best. If you are confused, we can recommend some 3D mink lashes or 5D mink lashes styles.

As eyelash vendors, our customer creates their lashes business brand. It will expand your lashes business soon. And when your customer buys from you. She will remember your lashes’ business brand name. It’s so exciting!

You can check our article about promoting your lashes business brand “Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve Lashes Business.” 

To find the right way for yourself.

You can’t believe that. I have a customer she sold 5000pairs in three months. You can imagine how much money she earned.

Now that Shopify has launched a 3 free campaign, you should get going and start your eyelash business.

Stay home, Stay safe, Stay strong.