Modern days, cosmetics products are top-rated. Makeup is one of our daily routines. Some people want to start a business to sell lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, and false eyelashes. They don’t know how much to start a business. You can find the answer from here. We will walk you through how to start a business and how much you will invest, especially the mink eyelashes business, step by step. Do you want to know how much you can start a business? Go on reading.

mink lashes cost

Basiclly, it would best you have the budget before starting an eyelash business. Please know that all i will share are suitable for any small or medium-sized business. So, don’t worry, it also can help you.

There are different projects for your lashes business.

  1. May you ask can i start a business with $300? Of course, yes!
  2. If i have $100 can I start a lashes business? Yes, trust me, You can!

But you need know the different budget means the products your purchase is different. Don’t forget. You get what you pay.

We separate how to start a lashes business (other kinds of products. You can refer to those steps. It’s useful.):

Find a professional, and responsible eyelash vendor is the basic and important

Why I say, you need a professional false eyelashes supplier to support your business again and again. Because we are worried, you are attracting the low prices, and you don’t consider its quality. That will damage your business and your personal credit. There are some ways to find a vendor. B2B platform, like Search on Google. You can find and contact one by Email and WhatsApp. Also, you can contact us-LEHE Lashes to be your eyelashes supplier. You can check what we talked about before about “how to find a lash vendor” .

The first step is choose a good eyelashes supplier who can offer you the wholesale price with top-grade mink lashes.

Before that, it would best you do research on which lashes styles are hot and popular in the market. Thus, you can ask the vendor send you the catalog to check whether she offers those styles. You can sell the hot styles as your first order to get your money back in a short time.

Find a professional, and responsible eyelash vendor is the basic and important

Check the cost of Mink Lashes

When you decided to make an eyelashes business, you don’t tell a lash vendor your budget at first. You can ask how much for your mink lashes at first. The professional and sincere eyelashes vendor will not ask your budget at the talk’s beginning. Then you get a price range and compare them.

Almostly, the mink lashes price around $2-$7 . The detailed price depends on quantities and packages. For instance, 20mm mink eyelashes with customized lashes packages, per pairs, around $3.5-$4.5. But if you don’t have enough invest, you can order lashes with regular packages. Also, you can make a custom logo sticker to add your info on the packages.

If you have a bulk order, you can check with your lashes vendors to get competitive wholesale prices.

Please feel free and easy to ask a quote from your lashes vendors. Even you will don’t order now.

Check the cost of Mink Lashes

Two choices to choose eyelash boxes.

In the market, you must saw 2 kinds of lashes cases. One is regular box, like clear plastic round or rectangle cases. The other one is customized eyelashes boxes, like a printed logo or slogan on the box.

When you contact wholesale lashes vendors, you can ask them can you custom eyelashes boxes or which kind of packages you use. Some eyelashes vendor make the general boxes in stock. It can help the order ship out when you order with regular boxes.

The regular box’s advantage is cheaper than custom packaging. Suppose you have the logo and brand name already. You can put the logo label on the lashes tray. The price is lower.

If you have enough budget, we suggest you can do custom eyelash boxes to extend your business influence.

Order custom lashes boxes always start 50 or 100 pcs. But in LEHE Lashes, we offer 30 pcs to custom lashes packaging. Suppose you order our mink lashes together. That’s the better way to add your products extra value.

Please prepare your logo and brand name before custom lashes boxes—even the ideas about what you want. If you don’t have a logo, please feel free to contact 008615954278539 to get a free logo. This is a gift we send you to support your business.

The price for custom lash boxes will be higher than the regular box. That will be $1 to $3.5 depends on your craft and quantity.

Two choices to choose eyelash boxes.

Shipping cost

We always calculate the shipping cost according to order weight and volume. Usually, your lashes vendor has no profits from the shipping cost. Like us, we got a special price from the express company.

If your order is around 0.5kg, the shipping fee is around $25-$30 to the USA. If your order is around 1kg, the shipping fee around $30-$35 to the USA. When you ordered, please remember add the shipping fee to your business cost. You can check the detailed cost of your business after. And get the detailed profits from this order.

Make a website for your business

Do you want to make big money on the eyelashes business? If so, you can make a website to build your brand.

If you are not interested in creating a website by yourself. You can hire a freelancer to work for you. Like Fiverr, Upwork,

If you are like to do a website by yourself. Shopify and Wix will meed your minds. I just checked to do business base on Shopify will spend $29 per month. You can compare which one is more suitable for you.

By the way, you can learn how to make a website by YouTube channel.

Make a website for your business

Post advertising on Google and social media platform

If you finish the above steps. The next thing is expand your business in the market. One tips, if you settle your lashes business, we suggest you can sell them on the social media platform. For example, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. If you have a good marketing strategy, you will get more and more customers.

If start Google Ads is expensive and hard, but you can post Instagram Ads easily.

After reading this blog, Let me calculate, if you only have $50, you can do a lash business. You have $300 to make an eyelash business. It’s much better. You invest more, and you get more profits. Suppose you are ready to start your eyelashes business. Please do not hesitate to contact us +8615954278539 or Our professional sales team will offer your high-quality products and services.

Post advertising on Google and social media platform