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LeHe Beauty Lashes, as a professional eyelash manufacturer and vendor, helps you and your lash business with instant quote, fast turnarounds, tiny MOQ & customized packaging.


Hot Selling Eyelashes Products

Highly-recommend by retailers, lashes brand owners and wholesaler. We succeed to offer top-quality eyelashes at cheap wholesale prices & fast shipping.

Full Range Of Eyelashes And Tools


Eyelashes Extensions

We offer a diverse range of high-quality volume lashes, premade fan lashes, W-shaped lashes, and more. Also, we cover various curl types such as B, C, D…, With these diverse options, we are able to better meet the needs of your lash business.


3D Mink Eyelashes

High-class premium raw mink lashes materials. A wide variety of volumes provide different wearing effects. Popular with consumers and the market. 300+ in-stock styles.


25mm Mink Lashes

It not only dramatic mink lashes styles, but also natural lashes styles. The longest lashes include from 20-30mm mink eyelashes. Meet your market demand and lash brand positioning.


Faux Mink Eyelashes

100% vegan lashes made from quality Korean PBT and faux mink fur. Pick Top-quality faux mink lashes from 3D-6D effect to boost your lashes brands.


Customize Lashes Packages

Private custom service, include customize eyelashes packages, private lash label, logo print, brand cards, and etc. One-stop service from design to delivery here.


Eyelashes Tools

lashes glue, eyelashes extension primer, remover, eyelashes tweezers, brushes…, wide range of eyelashes tools to meet your lashes brand need.

Excellent Lash Products To Help Your Eyelash Business

Selected raw materials, skilled workers and factories with perfect management systems are the necessary conditions for the birth of high-end lashes.


Premium Lashes Materials

Only top -quality lashes. The lashes material range from great PBT to faux mink lashes are best materials.


Handmade By Experienced Craftsmen

55 employees with over 10 years of superb work experience. Ensure that the eyelashes provided to you are high-quality with perfect effect.


Natural Appearance

Popular 15-20mm lashes is a range, not a set length. 15-20mm lashes are suitable for giving natural looks and effect.


Perfect Eyelashes Symmetry

Always make sure that each pair of your lashes is uniformly symmetrical. Make ensure that the lash pairs reflect each other in length, density and curl-symmetry is the hallmark of good quality control.


Follow Ethical Sourcing

You get handmade vegan and cruelty-free false eyelashes. All materials obtained by ethically source. We ensure that they are from a responsible and sustainable way.


Applicable To Various Scenarios

The quality lash extensions can meet your different needs. Whether big dates, nights out, weddings, daily life, and celebrations. There is always an eyelash extension style that meets your needs.


Customize Eyelash

With high-quality manufacturing service, we can customize eyelashes to cater your specific desire. You can send us the accurate style photos & lashes design ideas, our qualified staff will work with you.


Lightweight Lash

In order to give your eyes a sense of comfort, our quality control experts check the quality and weight of each batch of eyelashes. Make sure you receive high-quality lashes.


No Irritation On Eye

We use qualified materials, soft lash band, and clean workshop for your every eyelash order. We care about your eye health as much as we care about ourselves.

Promote Your Brand with Custom Eyelash Packaging

As a lead eyelash manufacturer, LEHE LASH offering top-quality lashes with excellent lashes packaging solutions for your own eyelash business. We design a variety of incredible eyelash boxes for your choice, include but not limited to magnetic eyelash boxes, flip-top lash cases, window square eyelashes cases, diamond lashes boxes, custom drawer eyelash boxes, and special lashes boxes.


Private Label & Custom Eyelash Packaging

Investing in private label and custom lashes packaging can quickly build customers’ impression of your eyelash business. A unique boxes can attract more customers & add your benefits.


Magnetic Eyelash Boxes

  • High-class & various color texture

  • Good protection for your lashes

  • Long lastingness


Drawer Eyelash Cases

  • Neat and adorable lashes boxes

  • Clear window to show eyelashes

  • Easy to use for your lashes brand


Flip Top Eyelash Boxes

  • Glitter, solid and nude textures

  • High-end paper lamination

  • Logo print directly


Diamond Eyelash Boxes

  • Luxury diamond design

  • Glitter and solid texture

  • Smooth paper lamination


Paper Lashes Boxes

  • No minimum order quantity

  • Good choice for start-up

  • Lightweight to save shipping cost


Creative Lashes Book

  • Can put over 3 pairs lashes

  • Large capacity

  • Improve your lash bundle sale

Wholesale Eyelashes Tools & Kits

Lash tweezers, glue, brushes, eyeliner glue pen, and curlers…wholesale tools and accessories for your eyelash business.


Eyelash Applicators

  • With quality lashes applicators for your eyelash business. The lashes tweezers can print your lash brand logo on it. It can help you increase the impression of customers.


2-in-1 Eyeliner Glue Pen

  • Lashes accesscories, like eyelash glue and eyeliner glue pens can enrich your business line. You can provide a variety of products to customers to get more benefits.


Private Thank You Cards

  • If you do online store or sells online, the customized Thank You cards will help you show business information, discount code, and express your sincere thanks.

Looking for other eyelashes and lashes tools?

Our professional team can help source for you!

Why LEHE LASHES Is Your Best Choice In Lashes Business

Bring you high-quality eyelashes products, and support your business program for low-high volume lashes wholesale.

Ultimate Private Packaging

Ultimate Private Packaging

A complete customized private lashes packaging line from design to assembly. Giving you a simpler and more convenient way to achieve private eyelash branding. The experienced designers and dedicated eyelash experts will provide eyelash business information you need, and cooperate with you to create  private lashes packaging.


Quality Lashes Manufacturing

To ensure that you get good quality eyelashes, we have been carrying out strict quality control. With eyelashes in direct contact with your body, cleanliness and quality control become especially important. LEHE LASHES works in strict accordance with ISO standards, to ensure that you receive a quality and clean product.


Stable Supply Chain

Complete eyelashes supply chain from raw materials to custom lashes packaging. LEHE LASHES offer One-stop solution for your business. A stable and perfect lashes supply chain can respond quickly to your requirements. And we provide timely solutions to help you start your eyelash business earlier and faster.


Low MOQ For Your Business

Unlike ordinary manufacturers, LEHE LASHES is committed to providing low MOQ , like wholesale lashes from 5pcs for your eyelash business. for your eyelash business. Whether eyelashes, customized lashes boxes, and private label eyelashes. Low MOQ can help you reduce cash cost pressure. Then, start your lashes brand simple and quick.


Shipping Delivery On-time

On-time delivery is one of the criteria for selecting a quality supplier. LEHE LASHES shipped out your lashes pack via DHL or FedEx to determine fast delivery. With delivery in as fast as 3 days. For global clients, We have rich experience in handling customs and transportation suggestions in different countries.


Strict Quality Control Every Step

Our strict, professional quality inspection (QC) team is involved in every step of production. From raw eyelash material to custom packaging, and end of assembly. Our Quality control staff performs strict quality control on your products, to ensure you receive a high quality lashes, custom boxes, and etc.


Large In-stock Supplies

Two eyelash warehouses covering 1,000 square meters are located in Pingdu and Licang District. With the ability to handle over 1000 pairs of eyelash orders within 48 hours, you can have your orders in as little as 3 days. Start your lashes business with light inventory, less cash pressure at LEHE LASHES.


High Class Lashes Materials

Best raw materials is the key of your eyelashes quality. We select raw materials for eyelashes through affordability, durability and excellent expressiveness. LEHE LASHES are committed to sourcing materials with minimal environmental impact, and vegan materials.


Bulk Order Discount

Whether you are a new business owner, a startup or a successful entrepreneur. LEHE LASHES offers a wide range of bulk order discounts depending on your capital budget and market niche. Tailored to you, your own price discount. Save your budget with one-stop service here.

How We Support Lashes Business


Customize Lashes Packages

Investing in customize lashes packages allows you get unique position on the market. In turn, the unique eyelashes branding package attracts more customers for you, and increases your business revenue exponentially. We also offer incredible full end-to-end service to make everything easy for you


Private Brand Label Eyelashes

A easy and low-cost way to own brand eyelashes. That is private lashes label. Only a logo or eyelashes brand name, we can make your own private label. Our assembly team will match your needs, and put your lashes label in the right place. You can save time, save money and easy to own brand eyelashes.


Customized Private Lashes Tools

We can customize everything for you. The lashes tools, like lashes applicators, eyelash primer, lashes glue, remover, and etc. Print your logo and brand name on the lashes tools. A customized product range will further deepen the impact of your brand among consumers. Intangibly, it enhances brand awareness.


Free Logo Design

Logo design won’t bother you. Our experienced design experts team do their best to create your own brand logo. You only need to provide elements, colors, themes or images of you like. The designer can make a logo as your requirements. The important is FREE to get quality design.


Drop Shipping Services

Inventory pressure is is a problem faced by many small and medium-sized businesses. Our Drop shipping services can reduce your financial pressure, shorten your product update cycle, and cut unneeded inventory. To keep your products are trendy and in-fashion on the lashes market.


Flexibility Wholesale Lash Business

Flexibility wholesale lashes plan – Good choice for large-small brands to start your lashes business. Depending on the needs, we offer different wholesale plans to meet your eyelash business requirements. For startups, you can create mink lashes business less than USD$100.


Free Eyelashes Samples

In order to show our sincerity, save your cost, and quickly test the quality of lashes products. We offer FREE eyelashes samples. The sample pack includes various lashes styles. You can choose the fav eyelashes styles, contact us. The sample will deliver you within 3-5 business days.

Are you looking for a lash vendor that offer one-stop solution service?

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Those feedback are given from our customers who ordered eyelashes extensions, mink lashes and custom packaging. We sincerely thank their trust in LEHE LASH. If you are looking for high-quality false eyelashes, feel free to contact us.


I have received my lashes and I absolutely love them and packaging.thank you sooooo much!! My customer are very pleased with them.Thank you so much

Felicia T

I received my package! The shipping was super fast! I just want to thank you for the lovely experience I’ve had doing business with you, I really appreciated it.

Salvador C

Hey, I just wanna say thank you for providing me with great, quality lashes that I am able to offer my customers!! Everybody loved them! Ordering 50 pairs in next.

Mario S

Get Your Free Eyelash Samples

In order for our customers to see the quality with their own eyes and approve the products. We ensure the bulk order you receive is the same as the sample, and you can offer your customers a good product at a good price.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free Samples

To support you check and test our eyelashes. We offer FREE 3 pairs lashes, and you can pick styles from catalogs. You can test our mink lashes and verify eyelashes quality, without to pay full price for bulk lash order. The most important is we can help you to check whether our mink lashes, lashes tools can meet your business needs, through a FREE sample order.

The 3 pairs mink lashes are totally FREE. There is a shipping fee you need to cover. DHL and 4PX express, we had long-term cooperation with both, there is a favorable shipping solution and save the cost. We appreciate for your highly understanding.

Sample lashes will be prepared within 2 days. DHL will take 3-5 business days to deliver you. 4PX express usually take 7-12 business day to deliver you due to your region.

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