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Wholesale Private Customize Eyelashes Packaging At Cheap Price

As a leading customize lashes boxes vendor, we offer the highest quality bulk eyelash boxes designed specifically for your eyelashes business. Investing in these private label eyelash packaging can make your brand stand out in the competitive market.


Popular Customized Eyelash Boxes Styles In The Market

The personalized appearance of lashes packaging helps you to attract the attention of your customers. LEHE LASHES offers a wide variety of eyelashes boxes for you to choose from:


The personalized eyelash packaging look helps to enrich your brand and attract the attention of your customers. LEHE LASHES is committed to providing you with a tailored custom lash box program. A professional design team will realize your creativity in brand packaging, and unique designs will drive your brand forward.

We understand the kind of private label eyelashes packaging that businesses of all sizes need for the lash business. At the same time, depending on your ideas, capital budget, we offer a variety of options to ensure that your design, and ideas can be reflected in your lash brand both.

With lower MOQ(minimum order quantities) than typical eyelashes suppliers, you can start your lashes branding business with minimal investment.

The Product Process Of Customize Private Eyelash Packaging

These steps will help you learn more about how we make custom boxes for your business:

1Prepare Paper Materials

Choose quality materials from sustainable companies. Confirm the correctness and completeness of raw materials according to different lash box types.

2 Packaging Lashes Boxes Sizes

LEHE LASHES offers many different box sizes. Regular size, extra large size, and shaped eyelashes boxes according to your customization requirements.

3 Customized Eyelash Boxes Styles

Professional customization suppliers offer different box styles for you to choose from. Paper lashes boxes, magnetic eyelash cases, drawer lashes packages, diamond lashes cases, lash books, etc.

4 Confirm Logo Design

Make sure your logo, brand slogan and social messages are in the right place, and send it to you for confirmation. If you don’t have a logo yet, feel free to talk with us. FREE logo design offer.

5 Private Lashes Packages Print

After receiving your confirmation that the print information is correct. The eyelashes box will go through the printing process.

6 Customize Eyelashes Boxes Assembly

Equip the various parts of the lash box together, and your private branded boxes are basically shaped.

7 Private Packages Quality Inspection

Check the design, quantity and quality of the lashes boxes by the inspection department, and carry out the first layer of box packaging.

Why LEHE LASHES Private Customized Lashes Packages For Your Brand


Low Moq Customize Your Private Label Eyelashes

In order to provide a quick start your own eyelash business, we have set a lower quantities than others lashes vendors. This support you to get customize lashes boxes with a small investment.

Starting with a small order can also help you test whether the box matches your brand definition in a short period of time. You can get market feedback to update and improve lashes boxes in a short time. Gain better revenue and brand influence for your lashes business.

A Wide Range Of Eyelash Box Styles

As a one-stop solution lashes vendor, we offer a wide range of options for you to choose from, like acrylic boxes, round lashes cases, rectangle eyelashes boxes, plastic eyelash cases, holographic lashes packages, and etc to meet your needs. Depending on your needs, we offer you different customized solutions to choose from. Do not hesitate to contact our teams. Let’s start it.


Free Logo & Package Design

Are you still worried about the logo design? You are in right here. LEHE LASHES have professional design team that can provide free logo & lash package design to you. You don’t need to spend additional time and effort on logo design. All we need from you is sending us your favorite design, elements and colors. The designers can make a brand logo with those. Reach out with us, reach out with us.

Delivery Of Customize Lashes Boxes Within 5 Days

Time is money. In order to shorten the delivery time, we have prepared hot eyelashes boxes styles in stock. These lashes boxes can be used to print logos directly. You can customize private boxes by picking from our inventory catalogs. Of course, you can customize the brand-specific boxes. Like a lash box with brand colors, logo elements, and themes…Delivered to you within 5 business days at the earliest.


Fast & Timely Delivery

We offer an efficient service. In order, for you to receive your customized private lashes packaging, and start your mink eyelash business in the shortest possible time. Let’s look at the whole process of shipping and delivery:

Step 1

Receiving Your Orders

After confirming the details of your specific lashes order with our team. Your order will be submitted to a dedicated colleague via the back office.

Step 2

Warehouse Selection

Based on your order details and specific requirements, the quality inspectors will check the mink eyelashes and lashes packaging one by one. Ensure you receive high quality and flawless products.

Step 3

Assembling And Packing

Assembly and packaging of your private lashes boxes and 3d mink lashes. The outer packaging of custom box use biodegradable pop bags, a crush-resistant cardboard box for the outermost layer. Protect your order.

Step 4

Packing Delivery

After our sales reconfirming that your order is correct. Our long-term stable and partner- DHL & FedEx, will deliver your package safely and on time. Receive your eyelash order in as little as 3 days.

Starting Lash Business, Things You Need To Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our eyelashes supplies:

Customized lashes boxes with print your logo, MOQ start 30pcs. And, if you need custom lashes packages with your own design, MOQ from 50pcs. There is no MOQ, if you just want to buy our lashes boxes.

At LEHE LASHES, we had professional design and customize department to deal your order. Usually, print private lash brand logo on boxes need 3 business days. Customized eyelashes cases with your own design, it will takes around 7-10 business after get your design confirmed. Any questions about customize box price, design and time, feel free to contact us.

Over 100+ box styles in-stock. Stock boxes can respond quickly to your custom print logo needs. For customization of the whole box, contact us and we will provide a detailed proposal that suits your needs. Create your personalized eyelash cases now.

Yes. We can do sample customized lashes boxes with your logo or requirement. To reduce your sample costs, we only charge the cost of a custom sample box. Contact us, to get the detail information for sample boxes.

Our one-stop customization service includes providing you with private brand labels. We can also help you to customize your business stickers. You only need to provide us with your logo and information, and we will provide a wide range of options. If you don’t have a logo, we offer a FREE logo making service. Contact now, get your lash brand own design.

Custom eyelashes packaging is a easy thing. You don’t need to expend much effort, contact us, our experts will help you with customize box styles, colors, elements, etc.

Paypal, Western Union and T/T. You can choose which one is the most convenient for you.

Only lashes order, please allow us 1-2 business days to process. Because of the large number of orders that need to be sent out daily, We guarantee that we will ship your order as fast as possible.
Customize order, like print logo on the lashes packages, it usually take 3-7 business days to process. When your order ready to ship, you can get video of your order’s detailed to confirm.

Delivery within 3 days at the earliest. On average, it will take about 3-5 business days to the USA. To a European country, it usually takes about 4-7 business days. If ship to Africa country, it will take 5-10 business days. For specific arrival times, please refer to the courier website after receive tracking number.

To support you check and test our eyelashes. We offer FREE 3 pairs lashes, and you can pick styles from catalogs. You can test our mink lashes and verify eyelashes quality, without to pay full price for bulk lash order. The most important is we can help you to check whether our mink lashes, lashes tools can meet your business needs, through a FREE sample order.

The 3 pairs mink lashes are totally FREE. There is a shipping fee you need to cover. DHL and 4PX express, we had long-term cooperation with both, there is a favorable shipping solution and save the cost. We appreciate for your highly understanding.

Sample lashes will be prepared within 2 days. DHL will take 3-5 business days to deliver you. Fourpx express usually take 7-12 business day to deliver you due to your region.

Get Instant Quote! Free Sample! Everything!

In order for our customers to see the quality with their own eyes and approve the products. We ensure the bulk order you receive is the same as the sample, and you can offer your customers a good product at a good price.

I have received my lashes and I absolutely love them and packaging…thank you sooooo much!! My customer are very pleased with them…I hope to do business with you again very soon!

Camesha M.