Wholesale Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Quick Questions about customized lashes packagings

Q1. What’s the MOQ of custom lashes boxes?

If you do not want a print logo. There is no MOQ for the clear case. If you want to custom eyelash boxes with your logo. MOQ 50 pcs. The custom eyelash cases will take about 3-10 word days.

Q2. How many eyelash boxes styles do you have?

We have over 100 styles of luxury packaging boxes. If you are interested in custom eyelash boxes with logo. Please contact us whatsApp to get eyelash boxes catalog. Create personalized eyelash cases now.

Printed Custom Eyelash Case

Eye logo custom eyelashes boxes

Custom Private Black Eyelashes Boxes with Logo Printed

Marble pattern custom eyelash packaging

Black EyelashBlack Eyelashes Boxes with Private Logo Designes Boxes with Private Logo Design

Your cartton logo customized lash boxes

Creative Custom Lashes Boxes

Glitter custom eyelash boxes with logo

Custom Sliver Cases Private Lashes Boxes

Flower logo eyelash boxes custom

Marble Square Eyelash Packagings Gold Foil Logo

Marble design custom eyelash box packaging

Pink Marble Eyelashes Boxes with Printed Logo

Pink marble customize eyelash boxes

Custom Black Marble Rectangle Boxes with Printed Logo

Black marble customize eyelash box

Custom Lashes Boxes with Logo

White eye logo custom eyelash box packaging

Custom Lashes PackagingsSquare cases

Custom eyelash packaging with logo

Q3. Can you support custom sample lashes boxes?

If you can accept without print logo. We can send you a sample custom eyelash packaging to you check. We do not supply FREE custom eyelash box samples with logos. Because the custom lash boxes production cost is too expensive. And custom eyelashes boxes will take 7-12 business days. To save time, you can get sample fast. Hope you can understand.

Q4. What’s custom lashes boxes prices?

Custom lashes boxes prices depend on which boxes styles and your logo color. Please contact my WhatsApp: +8615954278539 to get your Own Luxury Eyelash Packaging boxes. If you want cheap custom eyelash boxes also contact us.  Custom eyelash cases make your perfect Lashes Brand dream come True.

Q5 How long does it take to ship to the US?

Eyelash boxes custom usually take 3-5 workdays to the USA by Fast Express.

Btw, if you want to get cheap custom eyelash boxes, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp

Customized Glitter Eyelash Cases

Black eyelash box design

Pink Lashes Boxes Smoke backgrounnd

Wholesale pink custom eyelash packaging box

White Lashes Boxes with Printed Your Logo

White custom eyelash packaging box

Customized Lashes Packagings and Logo Design

Eyelogo white eyelash packaging

Diamond Eyelash cases with Custom Logo

Diamond shape eyelash boxes

Eye's Customized Lashes Boxes with Logo

Customize your own pink lash box

Private Custom Boxes for Mink Lashes

Rose gold eyelashes packaging

Rectangle Black Eyelashes Boxes with Your Logo

Black rectangle custom lashes box

Simple Black Lashes Boxes with Custom Logo

Black plain eyelash packaging box

Q6 What about the Shipping Cost?

It bases on the customized eyelash boxes and mink lashes total weights

Q7 How can I place a customize eyelash boxes order from you?

Contact +86 15954278539

Email: info@lehebeautyhair.com

Create your own customize eyelash box with luxury lashes

Q8 How to Pay the order?

Accept Paypal, Western Union, Money gram

Lashes Plugg Custom Eyelashes Boxes

Black girl diamond shape customize lashes box

Holograohic Lash Box with Custom Golden Foil Logo

Square custom lash box packaging

Golden Lashes Packages with Custom Design Logo

Rose gold eyelash packaging custom

3 pairs with tweezers custom lashes case

3 pairs lashes books customized lashes boxes

4 pairs purple glitter lashes boxes

4 pairs custom lash packaging

5 pairs eyelash box company

5 pairs lashes books custom logo lash boxes

Q9 I don’t like your samples. I have own design eyelash box style and logo. How to make eyelash boxes?

We can custom lash box design,  eyelash packaging boxes with your own logo. Create your own lash box MOQ is 50 pcs. The custom lashes boxes time will be 7-12 workdays.


Get lash packaging boxes lashes vendors, start your own lash line.

lashes packaging

Black logo custom lash cases

lashes packaging box

White lash box packaging

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Glitter purple lash boxes custom

empty eyelash packaging LASHES BOXES CATALOG

Empty wholesale custom lash boxes

lashes boxes catalog

Glitter square cases wholesale custom lash boxes

eyelash packaging design lashes boxes catalog

custom mink lashes packaging catalog


Empty custom eyelash packaging vendors

custom lash box packaging

Catalog false eyelash packaging box manufacturers

false eyelash packaging box suppliers

special lashes boxes shape false eyelash packaging box suppliers

Special and unique wholesale custom eyelash packaging box like a beautiful face to make people know you and remember you.

create your private custom eyelash packaging boxes.

create your private custom eyelash packaging boxes.

Black golden box

Black glitter custom lashes boxes

deep pink box

Purple eyelash packaging design

golden white box

White rose gold cases for mink lashes

custom lashes books lash box ideas

Holographic lashes books custom eyelash packaging usa

unique eyelash packaging tweezers

Glitter pink custom eyelash packaging vendors

eyelash packaging boxes manufacturers

White glitter lashes books eyelash box custom


 Do you know which mink lash styles are hot sale

There are many kinds of mink lashes. Do you know which style is your customer like it? Or which styles are hot sell on the market?

If you don’t know, as your new lash vendors you can search on Google, YouTube influencer, or Instagram. Then you will know some hot styles on the market.

Meantime, we make popular 3d mink lashes catalogs, here you can check eyelash boxes packaging. Also, we do some popular wholesale mink lash packs, you can contact us. We’ll show you hot sale 3D mink lash packs picture at a good price.

Find a professional mink lashes vendor

Please know to find a professional wholesale lash manufacturer is the most important. About create your own mink lashes brand. How to find a good mink eyelash supplier? First, the professional mink lash vendor can provide you high-quality eyelashes, design mink lash style by themselves. Also, the professional mink lashes factory can make eyelashes at your request. Then the better wholesale mink lash vendor has large stocks, it can be delivered on time.

The start is hard. But there is an opportunity here. Choose us, LeHe is a professional lash supplier & lash box vendor in China. Our team can design your own eyelashes brand logo & eyelash box logo.  And create your private custom eyelash packaging boxes.

Create your own mink lash logo for lash packaging boxes

Did you find that who sells mink lashes well? Your head will show you some names. There is a brand name, right? Every mink lash brand has its own logo. It will distinct your and other mink eyelashes brands to customize your own eyelash box.

Now, you will have a question. “I don’t know how to create a mink lashes logo. What can I do?” Don’t worry, custom packaging boxes for eyelashes, first you can go to Fiverr. You can find a designer to make an eyelash logo for you. But you will pay about $5-$45 even more. Or we can offer and help you do your own brand mink eyelash logo & unique eyelash boxes. Our designer has more than 5 years of the eyelash box design. And it’s FREE for our wholesale mink lash customer. Btw, you can do lash logo stickers too. It also helps you to create your own lash line.

You can check it. There are some cases for mink lashes of the lash brand logo. A unique custom made eyelash box will support your get good feedback from your customers.

cheap eyelash packaging box

Pink glitter empty custom eyelash packaging boxes

wholesale eyelash packaging box

Make your own lash box rose gold color 

customize your own eyelash box

Glitter purple eyelashes cases custom lash box vendors

eyelash packing box

Sparkly square lash box

eyelash package box

Pretty square lash cases custom eyelash boxes manufacturer

eyelash packaging boxes

Customized lashes drawer boxes unique eyelash cases

How to start my own eyelash brand?

  • Get a logo 
  • Contact LEHE LASHES +8615954278539
  • Ask lashes catalog, luxury eyelash packaging box, and so on.
  • Our staff will reply to you within 24 hours.
Black-golden custom lashes box

Black DIY lash boxes

Black-white-pink box

White and black custom eyelash case

glitter 2 pairs custom lashes box

2 pairs of lashes cases best eyelash packaging

custom eyelash red boxes

Red glitter lashes custom packaging

custom eyelash box packaging

White logo printed cheap eyelash packaging

create your own eyelash packaging

Open eyelash box

What are the advantage and disadvantage of create your own eyelash brand

Maybe you are inquisitive. When we sell mink lashes we also use one to put them on it and protect lashes shapes and styles. That’s usually 3D mink lashes packages.

Normally, use a transparent round case or rectangle box with gold or silver paper. I guess you guys choose those packages many times. Because it’s FREE. But it’s not special at all.

Nowadays the mink lashes market is very competitive. Someone choose eyelash box manufacturer USA. Someone choose from China.

You need some special lash packaging and unique custom lashes boxes to make people remember your products or you.

golden custom lashes box

Gold glitter eyelash custom boxes

golden-black custom lashes box

Black rose gold lashes cases eyelash custom packaging

golden-white custom lashes box

White gold color mink lashes packaging

metallic custom eyelash packaging

Unique personalized eyelash packaging

eyelash case wholesale

Custom made lash boxes with window

lash box design

Printed logo lashes cases wholesale custom eyelash box


Don’t worry! You are here! LeHe Beauty is professional and unique for the hair and make your own brand eyelashes.

Our packaging factory is a manufacturer and supplier of custom lashes and hair packaging.

We have a professional designer to help you confirm which logo and design of the custom 3D mink lash box and cases for mink lashes you want. No matter the size, shape, or case style you may require for marketing, we can fulfill all your lashes packaging needs.

If you have your idea of custom lashes packages just tell us, we will help you to make your idea come true. ONE -STOP-SHOP in here, OEM/PRIVATE mink lashes label and packaging. That’s a great and warm service for you and your business.

pink-Black-white custom lashes box

Pink lash box ideas

white and silver lashes box

Plain eyelash packaging box custom

white-red lashes box

Red glitter create eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging boxes

Pink lashes drawer cases eyelash box ideas

special suitcase custom lashes packagse

Yellow suitacases eyelash packaging box factory

wholesale custom boxes

Glitter pink eyelash box vendors


It’s easy! You can custom your logo sticker or label first to test whether is a good way to make more people know your brand.

We don’t want to tell you we have over 10 years’ experience in this field. Because we know some of the companies showed them over 10 or over 20 years’ experience, but their product quality and sale service are getting worse day by day. Human hair and mink lashes markets are very competitive nowadays. The old service and product can’t fulfill the competitive lashes and hair market. So we improve and offer our product quality, humanization service, and special custom human hair and 3D mink lashes packaging.

glitter color the lash box mink lashes

Glitter eyelash packaging box manufacturers

3d mink lashes packaging

Black snake texture square eyelash package box

eyelash boxes

Logo printed eyelash boxes

We participate and witness the start, growth, and stabilization of our customers. We all know lashes fashion trends and which mink eyelash packaging is hot now. All those can help you overcome problems in the market. Marketing is hard, but you have our team.

Are you interest in it? Please have a chat with us on WhatsApp to get online live assistance.


Pink golden custom printed eyelash boxes

red white box

Holographic custom eyelash boxes factory

special color box

Color marble lash box

diy eyelash packaging

3d mink eyelashes custom packaging

custom gold lashes boxes

Golden color unique lash packaging

custom eyelashes boxes

Glitter pink private custom eyelashes packaging


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